Presenting to camera requires specific techniques. Although you may be a very experienced presenter, when it comes to small meetings or mass presentations – working with the camera is very different.

As such, we offer coaching with all our “Packages” because we know how critical it is, to ensure your end up with a brilliant video.

We also offer presentation coaching as an additional service; either on an individual basis (one-on-one) or in a workshop environment (group).


Our in-house coach and director – Michael Teulon
Michael’s specialty is coaching – particularly shines with first timers.

Michael has worked with great professional presenter and also first time presenter that have become great presenters. He’ll provide you with the guidance to ensure you’re at your best.

Michael knows how to make you relaxed and importantly, be your self – which makes for engaging and hence effective video presentations

His special skill, of working with presenters of all levels, has been developed over many years at Key Studio (Australia’s first boutique studio focusing on short format video – for TV and Web) and Uft Productions ( a Sydney based theatre company – “Uft Productions has staked its claim on off-beat comedies.” Daily Telegraph). He has also spent much of that time as a presenter himself – in TV roles incl; The Fugitive (Ch 10), Home and Away (Ch 7) and All Saints (Ch 7). He’s also work with Nova and 2DayFM and has been the video spokes person for numerous websites (including Macquarie Bank)
When you’re presenting, you need to be confident and relaxed. Michael will show you how to do this and also bring out your personality – making your material the hero.