Key now offers professional video production for ALL – not just the big guys. We have packages to deliver great product at the best prices.

Although we are more than happy to provide custom quotes for any video, you may also like to look at our various value packages (each package includes presentation training for you or your staff).

Package 102 – 2 videos for just $2,200 including training

Package 105 – 5 videos just $3750 including training

Package 312 – 12 videos for just $5,900 including training

Package 1224 – 24 videos from just $605 per videos including training

What’s included;

A pre-production meeting

– this is where we discuss the sort of videos you may wish to produce and how to go about scripting them.

Presentation training

This involves coming into the studio, with your scripts and having a rehearsal prior to the shoot date. The studio will be set up, as it will be on the day with camera, lights, director and teleprompter.

The director will then work with you on your presentation skills, providing you with performance tips and feed back, for you to consider prior to the actual shoot date.

Some of your footage will be uploaded from this day for you to review your performance on-line prior to the actual shoot date.

Studio Shoot

All videos are shot in our professional green screen studio in North Sydney. This ensures lighting and sound are always perfect. Shooting on a green screen also provides many options for various backgrounds.

A director will be working with you through out the shoot to ensure the best possible performance is achieved.

We will also have your scripts loaded onto the teleprompter so no need to memorise anything.


Post Production

Once we have finished the shoot we will cut together the video and insert a background. This may be company colours, logo or images/ footage you provide us with.


Once the edit has been completed we will upload the videos for you to review on line.

If there are any changes you would like to the edit (within the initial scope), just document them and we will make one round of changes.


We will then output your videos into an appropriate format ready for you to include; on your website, at conferences, in presentations or as part of training models.


Additional Services (at additional cost)

Script Writing

You are generally the best person to develop a script for your business and we will certainly point you in the right direction. However, you may feel more confident to work with one of our script writers to save you time and develop professional scripts.

Mark Up Artist

General “street” make up for women is normally sufficient and for men we may apply some light powder to stop shine. However, if you are looking for a particular style and experience you may want to us our Make Up artist.

Set Up and Up load your video onto host server

We can set you up with a delivery platform (eg YouTube, Vimeo) and then upload your videos for you. We are also happy to liaise with your web designer to ensure the best delivery.

Professional Presenter

Although I believe the videos can be more effective if one of your team are the face of it, we are happy to arrange a professional presenter to be the face of your videos.