The 312 Package!

This package provides you with 12 professional videos plus training for 3 of your team just $5,900. That is less than $500 a video, plus training for three of your team.

During an initial meeting we will discuss the sort of videos you may like to produce and give you tips on designing and scripting your own videos.

Three of your team will receive a combined two hours in our studio prior to their shoot date. During this time they’ll receive tips and feedback from our expert director on how to “deliver” for video. Some footage of their training will be uploaded for them to review.

They will then spend 5 hours in our studio working with our technicians and specifically our director to ensure they deliver an outstanding, engaging performance.

Following the shoot we will assemble your videos add in background and upload for you to review on line.

Based on your written feed back we will make amendments to the edit (this dosen’t include a re-shoot) and upload files for you to use.